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PageCarton Features

PageCarton is an awesome tool that enables one to publish contents in an easy and well coordinated manner. PageCarton has an interesting sets of features designed to help you get started in no time. It makes a whole lot of things very easy, fast, visually appealing and most of all, secure. PageCarton is open-source and freely distributed, super-fast, light and easy-to-use.


Most users find the default settings and features to be great; it is good to note that PageCarton is also highly customizable.

Itemized here are some of the integrated features of PageCarton, however, PageCarton could do a lot more through plugins, themes and widgets that could be used to extend the functionalities of PageCarton. Presently, there a hundreds of that available, so it in reality the possibilities are without limits.



PageCarton offers an innovative approach to publishing contents to the internet. Websites that run PageCarton are not prone to age-long security vulnerabilities that plague the web internet space. People that used PageCarton for the first time are amazed at how it’s incredibly rare to find spam creeping into PageCarton forms. PageCarton aggregates, stores and retrieves data in a way that is completely new, yet it is so easy to get started and build awesome sites running PageCarton

Easy to use

Most users are able to pick up the basics of using PageCarton without any training at all. That is because PageCarton has a very simple interface that is actually self-explanatory. One way or the other, anyone that can use a computer (or any other digital device) conveniently wouldn’t need any serious training to use PageCarton. It is amazing how much one can get done using PageCarton without any coding experience. As a matter fact, PageCarton was built to ensure coding wouldn’t be needed for even the most complex tasks. With a straightforward graphic user interfaces, users are guided to accomplish awesome website projects in a few minutes

Built for Data Security

Cyber security is now a matter of global concern as people around the world continue to depend on the omnipresence of internet on improving their daily lives. It is obvious that the more resources we have published online, the more vulnerable the online space becomes. PageCarton was built having in mind how to by default, circumvent a lot of known security vulnerabilities that currently plague the internet. The structure of data and the default functionalities are within the auspices of data security and integrity.

Community Support

PageCarton is proudly supported by awesome individuals powering vibrant communities around the endless possibilities of publishing with PageCarton. The community, have ready answers to issues and they provide support in the area of providing free and open-source plugins and themes for the usage pleasure of the global community.

Multisite Technology

By default, a single PageCarton installation will run all the websites that points to it. Meaning that with the integrated domain and sub-domain management features, you can customize your installation to support a network of sites that could share resources.

It is the same technology that powers several sites on PageCarton.com. Multi-site technology allows users to have full administrative control over their own site, without any security concerns. Each site can have its own themes, its own functionality, and manage its own users, while at the same time; general settings can be deployed across all the sites at the click of a button.

There is a domain and sub-domain manager that allows one to power multiple sites and sub-sites using the same PageCarton installation.

General Features for Website Development and Management

Easy Custom Forms

Without any coding experience, you can create forms with PageCarton and use it to aggregate data. With a few clicks, you can get the form to store data in the database or have the responses emailed to you.

Integrated File Manager

PageCarton comes with a simple, yet powerful file management system that allows you to upload and manage all the files uploaded on your site.

Integrated Navigation System

With PageCarton, you can easily customize the way you link pages together using the integrated Menu and Navigation system.

One-click Back-up and Restore

PageCarton comes with an easy tool that allows you to back-up your site in a click of a button. You can also restore the back-up in a similar easy process.

Integrated Logs

PageCarton logs all requests, errors and some other events on your site. So if you don't have access to the server log files, PageCarton logs offer an easy-to-use alternative.

No External Database Required

PageCarton doesn't require MySQL or any other external databases. Everything that PageCarton needs to run is provided in the package. PageCarton only requires your web server that runs PHP; it has an internal database structure that is scalable and secure. This is one big reason PageCarton is highly portable and light. Most users find it interesting that they are not asked to provide database information while installing.

Bulk Mails

Send bulk e-mails to registered users on your site. You can select specific user groups or user groups that will receive specific messages.

Template Driven Design

 PageCarton uses templates to generate the pages dynamically. You can control the presentation of content by editing the templates using your favorite text-editor or IDE, or even the built-in Template Layout Editor tool. Users have credited PageCarton template layout editor to be the finest in the industry and you don't even need to have coding experience to use it.

Easy to Maintain

Installing and upgrading PageCarton is a piece of cake. PageCarton is interestingly light. In less than three minutes you can install PageCarton and get it to work. With a single click, you can also upgrade an existing PageCarton installation to the latest version. Most users with experience with other platforms haven’t found it easier anywhere else.

Spam protection

Out of the box PageCarton comes with very robust tools to combat spam. Most users have several years of using PageCarton without a single spam record.

User Account System

PageCarton has a built-in user registration system that (if you choose) can allow people to register and maintain profiles and leave authenticated comments on your blog. You can optionally close comments for non-registered users. There are also plugins that hide posts from lower level users.


PageCarton can keep you in the loop by sending you an email each time there is a new comment or a comment awaiting moderation.

Posts and Blogs


PageCarton automatically backs-up your previous work as you save a new version of your work so can go back to a previous version. Every time you hit save, PageCarton creates a snapshot that you can restore with a single click.               

Custom Post Types & Categories

Posts can be easily sorted into categories and post types. It is possible to define new categories and post types to further customize your experience

Work Anywhere

PageCarton operates on a web browser. This allows you to be able to work from anywhere you are using any internet enabled device of your choice. Wherever you are, control of your site is literally at your fingertips.


You can decide who you want to allow viewing your post. You can also have private posts which are viewable only by their author.

Save Drafts

Save your unfinished articles, improve them later, publish when you're done.


Add products and services easily using the integrated products post type. Enhance with e-commerce plugins that are readily available.

Clean & Pretty URLs

Websites are built for people; its components should be easily understood. Every PageCarton URL is carefully written for humans to understand and describes their content in a precise manner.

Click, Drag and Drop 

No coding experience is needed to use PageCarton. Most of what users see from menus to the dynamic functionality on each page can be fully customized with simple clicks and drag-and-drop controls on the screen.

User Levels and Privileges

PageCarton lets you define different roles for different users – just like in real life – and let you assign privileges accordingly. Users can register themselves (if you want), and can do precisely what you allow them to do.

Own Your Data

Some publishing platforms lock you in with proprietary data formats. PageCarton relies on open standards to allow you to take your data with you. It’s your data, and you should be able to do what you want with it.


PageCarton is licensed under the GPLv2 or later which guarantees users several freedoms:

  • The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.
  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish.
  • The freedom to redistribute.
  • The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others.



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